Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Flying Skeleton's logo and updates.

I finally have a logo for The Flying Skeleton! I know, I know, what does a picture of an octopus from a textbook have to do with a flying skeleton? The answer? Absolutely nothing. I love octopuses, and I couldn't think of a single way to incorporate a flying skeleton into my jewelry company's logo. But an octopus? I could think of exactly what I wanted it to look like. So instead of going for something obvious, that made actual sense, I went for something more 'random', out-there, and quirky. I think that fits my jewelry style better, anyway.
I've made some slight changes to the blog, mainly removing the bat and heart dividers. After looking at my blog design for quite sometime, I decided that those made things just too busy, and I wanted more simplicity in the design so people would concentrate on my product, my handmade jewelry.
I'm working as hard as ever to get my ArtFire and Etsy shops opened up! The ArtFire shop will be opening first, watch for that! I'm so excited about this, I hope you guys are too!!!
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Your waiting has not been in vain.

I'm working my tail off [I wish I had a tail to work off, alas I am tailless] to get my Etsy and ArtFire shops up and running. They should be up and running smoothly by the middle of February! Very, very exciting. I tried to upload some photos for your viewing pleasure, but unfortunately Blogger and Flickr are not cooperating today. So here's a link to my Flickr. Enjoy!