Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Black Lace

Black lace gloves are incredibly versatile, and very glamorous this fall. Regardless if you wear them opera length, fingerless, or full of ruffles and beads, they are amazing and can be worn with most any outfit. In my opinion, they're absolutely fabulous with jewelry in amethyst, garnet, or jade and emerald stones. The only thing you need to be concerned when wearing these is make sure your jewelry and your gloves are not competing, but complimenting. If you're wearing opera length gloves, go for a simple bracelet worn over the gloves and a large statement necklace. If you're wearing fingerless gloves, wear an attractive ring[s] and make sure your nails are in tip top shape. If your gloves have lots of ruffles or beads or something similar, wear striking earrings and keep the rest of your jewelry as minimal as possible.
The key to making any look work is balance and knowing what compliments what. Always make sure to take a look at your whole outfit before leaving the house, because what might look good from the waist up might clash horrible with your bottom half.
Thanks for reading, and hope this helps!
-♥ Izzee

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