Thursday, November 5, 2009

Remaining Positive

Life can get really bad. You can lose artistic inspiration [something I'm struggling through currently], you can lose your job, you can get burglarized, mugged, beaten up, go through a divorce, lose a close loved one, or just have a bad day. Here are some ways to remain positive even in the really bad, or just the not-so-good times.
1. Analyze the situation and point out the things that could have been worse. Lose your job? Well, you don't have to deal with that jerk boss or that annoying co-worker anymore. You can start fresh and new, and go on to the bigger and better.
2. Criticize yourself. No more milk in the fridge for your morning coffee or Count Chocula cereal? Beat yourself up about it for a little while, make sure you'll have time to pick some up later, and don't worry about it anymore. A good amount of criticism towards yourself everyday is good. It leaves room for growth and mistakes. And it reminds you that you're not perfect.
3. Be grateful. Always always be grateful. Things could have been a lot worse. Were you mugged and beaten? At least you weren't raped. Were you raped? At least you weren't murdered, and you're that much stronger from such a horrible experience. These problems aren't light in the slightest, but you can always be grateful for your situation.
4. Forgive the ones hurting you. It doesn't matter what they've done to you or who they are. If they've hurt you, forgive them. Let that grudge go, because that grudge will destroy your life. It will consume you and it will leave you all alone with nothing but your awful memories. Trust me, I've seen this happen to a very close loved one. Learn to forgive, it's the best thing you can do for yourself.
5. Always remember who's really in charge. You're not where you are by accident. God works through everything, and in every situation He accomplishes something. Remembering that you aren't the one directing your life is a very relaxing, comforting thing. It doesn't matter what happens to you, God's in the driver's seat.

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