Saturday, August 1, 2009

Name Change

So I used to be called Prickly Pear Jewelry, but that reminded me too much of the desert. Then I was named Izzee's Jewelry because my teacher thought that was good, and it was easy and I didn't really care. But I hated it. It was boring and made me feel indifferent and uninterested in jewelry making. I now have a name that suits me, my personality, and my jewelry style:
The Flying Skeleton
The story of how I got the name is pretty amusing, so I thought I'd share it with you. I was in the office yesterday, sitting and reading a book, and I looked up at Alex [who was texting like always] and I said "I hate my jewelry company name." He looked up at me and raised his eyebrow.
"Because it's boring! It makes me feel boring..."
"Change it." I looked at his shirt, which had a guitar with a skull, and there were green flame things all around it. It's a pretty cool shirt.
"Should I just call it the flying skeleton guitar thing?" There was a pause.
"Why not just The Flying Skeleton?"
And so that is how I found my name. This is the name I'm sticking with, for better or for worse. I love it too much to dump it!
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