Thursday, June 25, 2009

Black, Red, and Gold

I've been so busy this week! There's so much to do, for both Izzee's Jewelry and INUMC...

I discovered something quite magical today. It's called "Blog Mailing List". I can have up to 10 people emailed every time I make a post! I know I'm being kind of silly, but I'm so excited about that!

I made this necklace a while ago, and it was originally going to be a gift, but I made something more suitable for the person being gifted, so this went back in my inventory. It's made from glass beads and gold costume chain, and it's $20. If you're interested in purchasing it, then drop me a note at
These earrings are made from gold costume chain, red glass beads, and the black and gold beads are Czech glass beads. I made these to be a part of the present, but like I said, I made something else that just fit that person so much better. These are $15 if you're interested in buying them.
If you want to buy these pieces as a set, the cost is $30, but if you buy them individually they're the listed price.

Thanks for reading and God bless you!

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