Friday, September 18, 2009

Amethyst Chips

I spent a large portion of today working with amethyst. My goodness, that stone is beautiful. It gives me so much inspiration. I have so many ideas, yet so little time and not enough supply of the stone! Hahaha. Apparently, according to gemstone lore, amethyst protects you from intoxication. In Greek mythology, the god of intoxication, Dionysus, is bothering this poor mortal! girl, and she's trying to get him off her back so she goes to all the other gods and they turn her into a white stone. Which to me doesn't sound very helpful at all, but that's just me. So Dionysus finds out and he respects her for not wanting his grubby fingers all over her, so he pours wine over the white stone that used to be her, creating amethyst.
Sounds weird.

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