Thursday, September 17, 2009


I got these in the mail yesterday:
Oh. My. Goodness. They are SO adorable! And they definitely go with The Flying Skeleton theme [black, red, and purple.] I've been blessed tremendously and God's given me an awesome opportunity to have items up in a shop in California, and so when I ship the items out there I'll be shipping these in the baggies with the jewelry. I'm so pleased with them. They're so cute! They're incredibly small, only 1" by 5/8", but they're really smooth and the ribbons aren't too long or short...they're just perfect! I love them because they stand out and look very attractive [and again, they go with the color scheme], but they also don't compete with the actual jewelry item. If there was big ugly white tags tied to a rather small pair of earrings, you'd pass them by because the tag would overwhelm them. This way, the tags stand out on their own, but they don't overpower the jewelry in anyway, they actually help it.
This blog will be getting re-vamped soon, because TFS's logo is getting completed soon!! Woohoo! And I'll [hopefully] be listing items on Etsy from my 3 collections. Watch for that too!

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